Making the Perfect Hamper

Under Fine Wraps is a family run business of foodie’s that love quality products, food and wine.
We also love giving and receiving gifts, but hate the feeling of buying a gift and not knowing whether what you are buying is as good as what you are paying for.
We are constantly improving our range of hampers (and gifts) because our mission is to make people happy by delivering high quality gifts across the UK.

1: Research

We Learn From You

First We Learn What Works

So we can be 100% sure what we send out to you is the best, we try out everything! We test out a variety of products with family and friends along with running tasting sessions where different people pick their favourite products. The losing products get left behind, the winners get sent out to you.
From the selection of hampers we have collected so far, over 150 different products have been tested. For hampers that contain on average 6 items, that’s quite a lot…

Then We Learn What Works Together

Once we have collected the best food out there, we then start testing what works together. Whether that is a beer with a curry or a bottle of wine with a selection of cheese’s.
We do not rely on just our own taste-buds either! We treat a range of wine tasting professionals and food connoisseur’s to our selection of food and drink. Whatever passes everyone’s judgement ends up in a hamper.

2: Presentation

Presenting Products Perfectly

Presentation Is Everything

Now that we have the perfect selection of food, we ensure that everything is packaged in a way that that would make us happy if it arrived on our doorstep.
One of the best parts of receiving a gift is unwrapping it, so we ensure everything is packed in a way to make that experience as good as possible.

Under Fine Wraps Gift Tag

See a sample of our packaging








X Grande

Xx Grande



White Easter


3: Test Again

We Evolve Constantly

We Constantly Improve Our Products

We never sit still. We are always looking and testing new products that you will love. Our hampers are constantly updated with a new product that we have found are better than the one before.

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