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Vegan Hamper Ideas

Becoming vegan is almost seen as the ‘trendy’ thing to do nowadays. Everywhere you look there are people turning vegan, and more restaurants have vegan-friendly foods. Of course, it’s much more than just a trend, it’s a way of living life without eating anything that’s made at the expense of animals. This doesn’t just mean meat is a big no-no, it means things like eggs, honey, and milk are cut out of your diet too.

As you can imagine, being vegan means you restrict yourself quite a lot. However, there are still loads of great vegan food and drink ideas out there for you to enjoy. If you’re smart, you can put together the perfect vegan hamper for you or someone you know that’s turned vegan.

It all revolves around making the right choices when putting together your hamper, and we have some fantastic vegan ideas to share with you in this piece.

Nut Butters

Finding snacks for vegans can be a difficult task. Which is why a lot of vegans enjoy toast as one of their daily snacks or to have as breakfast. Following on from this, peanut butter is a very popular spread in the vegan community. It helps provide them with extra protein, which is needed as they don’t eat meat or eggs.

You can go one better and include different nut butter in your vegan hamper. There are loads to choose from, probably far more than you thought! As well as peanut you have cashew, hazelnut, and almond nut butter. What’s more, some come in crunchy and smooth forms too.

Pip & Nut are one of the better brands out there that make nut butter. They only use natural ingredients and don’t use palm oil or refined sugars like many other vegan-friendly brands. Their products are sold in any major supermarket throughout the UK, and they have nice small little jars that are perfect for hampers too. Also, they even do little squeeze pouches of nut butter, which are the ideal size for hampers as well! Get a couple different nut butters and add them to your hamper.

pip nut butters

Oat Cakes & Houmous

One of the most traditional food items in a hamper has to be some form of a cracker. With your vegan hamper, go one step further and get your hands on some fantastic oat cakes. They’re 100% vegan-friendly and go with lots of other things too. The best brand of oat cakes in the UK is Nairn’s, so be on the lookout for them, and choose between their many flavours.

To compliment your oatcakes, you should find some high-quality, luxurious houmous. Don’t go for supermarket own-brands, splash out and buy something better like The Dip Society Super Duper Houmous. They’re an artisan brand, and this Super Duper Houmous is made using only natural ingredients to give it a very delicious taste.

super duper houmous

Braised Tofu

Tofu is an excellent alternative to meat for many vegans. As such, it makes sense to include it in your vegan hamper. Of course, simply sticking a pack of tofu in there won’t look very nice at all. It turns it into more of a shopping basket than a hamper!

Instead, go for something more luxurious such as braised tofu. You can get a tin of Marigold Braised Tofu from the Ethical Superstore website, it will make the perfect addition to your vegan hamper.

Braised tofu is very tasty and versatile, and it’s ready to eat with anything you please. It can be added to salads, wraps, stir fry’s – whatever your heart desires.

Vegan Chocolate

It’s always a good idea to combine sweet and savoury into a hamper. It gives people more variety, and they can eat the sweet stuff after dinner or have it with a nice cup of tea.

There are lots of vegan sweet treats you can include in your hamper, but vegan chocolate is probably your best bet. Most supermarkets sell their own version of vegan chocolate in bars, and Cadbury also now create Bourneville bars that are vegan-friendly too.

However, our pick has to be the Artisan du Chocolat vegan chocolate. They come in different varieties, you can pick up some bars that are full of different flavours such as espresso, mole chili, tobacco, red wine, and orchid & orange blossom. Then, you do chocolate coated things such as sour cherries and pieces of ginger. A couple of bars and one or two coated things will add brilliant sweetness to your hamper. You can find all of these treats on the Artisan du Chocolat website or at one of their branches in London.

vegan chocolates

A Bottle Of Vegan Wine

No hamper is complete without some type of drink, and wine is a perfect choice. Believe it or not but most wine isn’t actually vegan-friendly. However, places like Majestic Wine do sell vegan wines for you to enjoy.

If you want a nice dry white wine, then you can enjoy the Olivier Dubois Cuvée Prestige Sauvignon Blanc, which is a fabulous French wine that goes with just about anything. If you want something more fruity, the Olivier Dubois Cuvee Prestige Pinot Noir is a brilliant option. It combines fresh fruit flavours to create a really smooth wine that can be drunk anytime, anywhere.

olivier dubois cuvee prestige sauvignon blanc

Finally, if you want a more expensive and classy vegan wine, the Clos de Peyrassol is a brilliant choice. It has some very fresh flavours including a mixture of strawberry and red currants. What makes this wine special is that it’s only produced when conditions are perfect, which makes it rather rare.

Le Clos Rose de Peyrassol Rose AOP Cotes de Provence

Extra Vegan Hamper Ideastyrells vegan crisps

Below are some additional ideas for things you could include in a vegan hamper:

You Now Have A Vegan Hamper!

When you combine all of these things together, you have the perfect vegan hamper. You have the oatcakes and houmous that make for a great snack item along with the nut butters. Then, you have the tofu which is more of a substantial food to add to meals. Finally, you round things off with the sweetness of the chocolate and some fantastic luxurious wine. A really great hamper, and completely vegan-friendly.

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