Top 10 Hamper Ideas For Him

Building a hamper for one of the men in your life might seem more difficult than making one for a woman. But it’s really not. Men love food and drink just as much (if not more!) as any woman, and they enjoy the finer things in life. And for the few men who wouldn’t be happy with a hamper full of food, there are always other things you can put inside a gift basket instead. So if you’re looking for hamper ideas for him, look no further. Below you will find some creative ideas for building the best gift baskets for men, whether you want to give a gift to your dad, granddad, boyfriend, brother, or husband.

1. Swap Wine for Beer

Plenty of men enjoy drinking wine, so you could choose a bottle or two for a man’s hamper. But if you know someone who would much rather have a craft beer or a real ale, don’t feel like you have to go for wine just to follow tradition. Plenty of hampers have beer instead, like the Under Fine Wraps Manpers®. The joy of including beer in a hamper is that you can put in several bottles, giving you the chance to use a range of flavours and brands. We like JHB and Potbelly Brewery, to name just two that we put in our hampers.

beer hamper snapshot

2. Add Something A Bit Stronger

If even beer is a bit of namby-pamby drink to the man in your life, a stronger drink might be more to his liking. Whisky is often the preferred choice, but there are lots of options you could choose. Maybe he likes brandy, gin, or even vodka. Of course, unlike with wine or beer, one bottle is probably enough. Along with it, you can select some quality snacks or mixers. For example, if you’re using a bottle of gin, some posh tonic like Fever Tree should go with it nicely. You can also include cheese and biscuits to go with the whisky, as well as things like crisps and chutneys.

whisky gift hamper

3. Pick a Food Theme

When you’re thinking about gift hamper ideas for men, you could consider picking a food theme. This will help you build a hamper around one idea so you can make something coherent. For example, take a look at our Hot Curry and Beer Hamper. Go for quality products when you’re selecting your contents, especially if you’re buying for someone who likes to cook. You could create a pasta hamper, cheese hamper, or even a bread hamper for the man in your life who likes to bake a rustic loaf now and then.

curry and rice

4. Choose a Regional Theme

Another theme you could pick for food is a region, from a county in the UK to another country. You could create a Scottish hamper, with shortbread, oatcakes and other treats from Scotland. Or you could create a Spanish hamper, with Spanish beer, olives, and other bar snacks. Pick a country or region and run with your idea.


5. Take Bar Snacks to the Next Level

If you’re including beer or another drink in your hamper, you surely want to put some snacks in to enjoy with it. But standard peanuts and pork scratchings that you can get in any pub won’t do. Instead, make sure you’re looking for the best products and choosing the right ones to pair together. We include delicious Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling in our Beer and Treats Hamper, for example.

snaffling pig pork crackling

6. Childhood Memories with Retro Sweets

Looking back to your childhood is always fun, and filling a hamper with sweeties will make just about anyone happy. Retro sweets are easy to get hold of, and will easily fill up a gift basket of any size. They might not be as posh as some other options, but they’re lots of fun. Look for sweets like Refreshers, Palma Violets, Drumsticks, Cola Bottles, and more.

7. Tee Up a Golf Hamper

Everyone knows a man who goes golfing every chance he can get. If there’s a golf lover in your life, you can use it as an idea for a hamper. Include golf balls and tees in the hamper with snacks they can enjoy on the course. Of course, this isn’t an idea you can only use for golf lovers. You can do similar things for men who have other passions, from darts to cycling. Think of some small gifts you can include that relate to what they love.

8. Celebrate a Special Event

Some hampers for men are likely to be for general occasions, like birthdays or Christmas. But sometimes you want to celebrate a special life event by giving them a hamper. For example, maybe he’s become a father or is about to retire. You can build a hamper around that event, with some gifts that might be useful or mark the occasion. A bottle of whisky could be ideal for a man who’s retiring – or a man who’s about to have a lot of late nights! A personalised gift could be a great thing to include too.

prosecco hamper

9. Stick with the Classics

If you don’t want to do anything too radical, there’s nothing wrong with the classics. A traditional gift hamper usually includes some fancy food produce, like cheese, jams and chutneys, crackers, and a bottle of something to drink. They’re all great items to include, whether you’re making something personal or a more generic hamper for someone you’re not as close to.

mini round fruit cakes

10. Don’t Forget About Presentation

Remember to think about presentation when you’re putting your hamper for him together. You might think men typically don’t care about gift presentation, but you want your present to look good, so he can tell you put in a lot of effort. Make your gift basket look good both inside and out by choosing the right basket or box, filling it with some nice cushioning, and finishing it off with cellophane, ribbons, and other decorative items.

red heart gift box and chocolate

Men like hampers just as much as women do, and there are plenty of ideas you can use. Think of the man you’re creating your hamper for so you can make something personal.

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