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The Top Hamper Ideas For Dad

We all love food. But for some reason, food is always extra special when it comes wrapped up in a big gift basket. Thanks to speciality items and gourmet flavours, gift baskets are always an event. But the question is: what gift basket to get dad? Sometimes it can be a tough call: after all, there are so many baskets to choose from.

Don’t worry. We’ve got it all sorted. Here are five gift basket ideas that your dad will just love.

The Whisky Hamper

Whisky gift baskets have been around since time immemorial. They’re one of those holiday season and birthday staples, enjoyed by fathers for decades. If your dad is a whisky lover, today’s whisky baskets are bound to excite. Thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to personalise whisky gift baskets depending on your dad’s preferences. You can add different types of whisky to your basket, as well as add other little treats that complement the drink. Many whisky baskets come with things like mixed nuts, booklets containing information about the whiskies themselves as well as tasting guides. In other words, your dad will be an expert in all things whisky-related before you know it (if he isn’t already).

If you are creating your own whisky hamper, make sure to include a variety of treats with it. For example, you could add:

  • Pickles
  • Nuts
  • A whisky glass
  • Chocolate florentines
  • Any other treats he enjoys!

Whisky Hamper

The Cheese Gift Basket

It’s no wonder cheese baskets became so popular: there are so many different kinds of cheeses out there to try out. With a cheese basket, you can give your dad the chance to sample a bunch of cheeses that he probably hasn’t tried before. How about introducing him to fresh Crottin or Petit Munster? Or what about Snowdonia Red Devil – a type of Red Leicester with a twist?

Remember, when you’re selecting a cheese basket for dad, you’re not just choosing cheeses. You can also add chutneys and crackers, both of which come in many different varieties. In fact, sometimes they can be just as exciting as the cheese itself.


The Curry Hamper

Nothing quite compares to the aroma of curry. Spices create some of the most interesting and complex flavours and smells. But actually making a curry can be difficult. What’s more, making a curry using shop-bought jar of curry can be a little disappointing. The cool thing about curry gift baskets is that they often contain authentic curry pastes, the basis of any great curry. These pastes – be they korma, tikka, or jalfrezi – tend to produce a better flavour than anything you could buy in the supermarket, usually because they’re made by artisan producers who aren’t as concerned with things like cost or shelf life.

Along with the curry spices and paste, curry gift baskets come with jars of chutney, Indian pickles, popadoms and sometimes other food from Asia. Our favourite curry sauce supplier is Punjaban, and we include them in all of our curry hampers. So be sure to check them out!

Curry Hamper

The Beer Hamper

Beer lends itself to gift baskets rather well, all thanks to the fact that there are so many varieties to choose from. We’re in the midst of a bit of a beer revival at the moment with hundreds of people up and down the UK trying to brew their own beer for the first time. Many aren’t successful, but some have come up with great regional beers that offer something new to dads who think of themselves as beer connoisseurs.

Internet outlets source dozens of different varieties of beer from local producers. These include beers like Tiny Rebel Cali, Chimay Red and Thornbridge Wild Raven, none of which are available on supermarket shelves. We source a lot of our beers from brands such as Oakham Ales, Krombacher, Potberry Brewery and Frog Island Brewery.

beer hamper

The Preserve Gift Box

Jams and preserves are something that we all grew up with. We used to have jam on scones, porridge and even sandwiches. Jams and preserves have a certain way of bringing back memories of childhood for dad, and they’re perfect for any father with a sweet tooth.

Of course, the jams that come with gift baskets aren’t any old preserves. They’re made by artisan producers, giving them a more authentic taste.  Some of our favourite jam flavours include Cherry, Raspberry & Rose, Raspberry & Champagne, and Mango & Passionfruit. There are dozens of jams to choose from, sourced from all over the world.


As always, make sure you take the time to present your hamper so it looks appealing. You do not want to go through all the effort of picking the right product, to have it ruined by a cheap basket. Pick a high-quality wicker basket, and make sure to decorate it with ribbons and a thoughtful gift message.

Want to let us know your successful gift basket for dad? Take pictures and comment below with your hamper idead for dad.

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