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The Supplier Journey – Vivia Crumbs

Our latest supplier blog comes from Viva Crumps, who create ‘Extremely Scrummy Chutney’ from their kitchens in rural Rutland. Vivia Crumps use the finest ingredients with no additives or artificial preservatives to produce chutney that is bursting with flavours and textures. Their aim is to provide a delicious accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes, with six different and delicious chutneys that range in ingredients and flavour, with a mix of sweet and savoury.

  1. Apricot Whisky Mac– is a bright, colourful, fun and fruity chutney that has a delicate warmth of scotch whisky and goes perfectly with spicy dishes, strong cheeses and hams.
  2. Beetroot + Horseradish– this bold chutney is full of deep flavours and makes an ideal partner to strong cheeses, hot or cold roast beef, smoked trout or grilled mackerel.
  3. Lemon + Mustard Seed – is a tangy chutney with a subtle citrus zing and a kick of mustard that goes great with rice and Asian dishes, or a perfect dipping sauce for poppadoms.
  4. Pear + Walnut with Rosemary– a beautifully textured chutney that works so well with any lamb dish, cold meats, pork pies or even the humble jacket potato.
  5. Red Chilli + Pineapple with Roasted Pepper– for those who love spice, this chutney packs a punch and goes great with crumbly cheese, burgers and sausages.
  6. Bramley Apple + Date with Root Ginger– this warming and hearty chutney is as versatile as it is tasty and goes well with roast pork, nut roasts and strong cheeses.

At Under Fine Wraps we pride ourselves on sourcing artisan and local producers such as Vivia Crumps, so we have carefully selected 3 of their delicious chutneys to include in ourThree Counties Cheeseboard Hamper.

Within this delicious hamper, the Rutland based Vivia Crumps Chutney make a scrumptious accompaniment to specially selected cheeses from our neighbouring counties of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. Click here to view.

The Scrummy Beetroot + Horseradish Vivia Crumps Chutney also features in our Two Counties Hamper, alongside award winning ales and stilton cheese from Nottinghamshire.  View here to order.


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