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Ideas for Making the Perfect Birthday Hamper

Birthday hampers are one of the most exciting gifts you can give to a friend or loved one. Not only can you make these hampers yourself, making for a much more thoughtful gift, you can also fill the hamper with all of the receiver’s favourite treats and surprises! They’re bound to be delighted when you decide to create a birthday hamper for them.

In this post, we’re going to give you some awesome ideas on building your own hamper, including what you can include and how to add some finishing touches. Read on for more!

What Can You Put In A Birthday Hamper?

1. Their Favourite Alcoholic Beverage

If the person you’re creating a hamper for likes to have a drink, make sure you include their favourite alcoholic beverage in the hamper. This could be a great way for them to unwind and relax. All kinds of beverages suit a hamper; wine, prosecco, beer, champagne, whisky…the list goes on! Have a look in their fridge to see what they seem to like, or casually slip it into conversation.

If you’re stuck on what to buy, you could always buy them some miniature bottles of whisky/wine.

Whisky Hamper For Dad

2. Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Including non-alcoholic beverages in the hamper is also a great idea if this person doesn’t drink or prefers to relax with a coffee or a tea. How about including some of the highest quality coffee, or some posh tea bags for their morning brew? You can get all kinds of amazing flavours, including cherry bakewell.

You could also include hot chocolate, but if they don’t like hot beverages, you could even include a posh cordial for them to try. Non-Alcoholic hampers are highly requested from us, so you definitely do not need to include alcohol to make the hamper a great one!

3. Yummy Snacks

There are so many yummy snacks you can include in a birthday hamper. How about a selection of cheese? There are so many cheese lovers, and they might just go perfectly with the beverages you’ve selected. You can’t beat a ‘cheese and wine’ night! Then there’s nuts, crisps and even pickles.

Perhaps you could include sweeter treats, like quality buttery shortbread or delicious chocolate truffles.

Don’t forget to include a thing or two that could go with your chosen snacks. You could add a jar of chutney or jam, and even a packet of crackers to complete their snack hamper!

4. Bath And Pamper Products

We all deserve a pampering from time to time. How about including a fancy hand wash and cream, or a luxury body cream.

Bath salts are a great idea for the person who loves a long soak in the bath. A nice soap not only smells great, it can also be a decorative item for the bathroom. Face and hair masks ensure that the person you’re buying for can have a real pamper and feel their best. It’ll really help if you know their hair/skin type before you buy, to really personalise the gift and show them you thought this through.

If you know this person loves a nice bath, you could even get them a fun novelty item to include in their next soak – how about a light up rubber duck? If you don’t think that’s their thing, a few scented tealights and special bathing rose petals could do the trick.

mens grooming kit packaged

5. Other Bits And Pieces

Make sure you think about pieces that tie in with things you’ve already bought. For example, you could get a nice new mug for their tea or hot chocolate. This will help to make their hamper extra special and show that you’ve considered all of the little things. You can include just about anything you like – there are no rules when it comes to creating a birthday hamper!

How Can You Present Your Birthday Hamper?

1. Get Some Inspiration

Presenting your birthday hamper can be tricky, especially if you’ve never made one before. Try getting some inspiration before you start. You can take a look at hampers across our site (or here) to get an idea, but there are other sources too. Try Pinterest and Instagram. Maybe even YouTube! You’re bound to find some amazing inspiration all over the web.

2. Decide On The Size Of Your Hamper

Is this going to be a cute little mini hamper or a full size hamper? This will affect what you buy for your hamper, how much you spend, and the size of the hamper you need.

3. Find The Right Hamper

Finding the right kind of hamper to place all of your gifts inside of is important. For a wine hamper, for example, it could be a good idea to buy a hamper with a lid so you can lay all of the bottles down flat. This will also work if you want to keep the things inside of the hamper a surprise.

However, if you would prefer to display your items in an attractive way, you’ll need an open hamper. You’ll then need to invest in some cellophane and maybe a ribbon/bow to finish it off. You could even attach a balloon to the hamper if you want to incorporate an element of fun!

4. Select A Theme

Perhaps selecting a theme will help you to present/create your hamper more effectively. While there are no rules as to how to present or create a hamper, having a bit of a theme to stick to can make your job far easier. Maybe you could go for a chocolate indulgence hamper, where absolutely everything is full of chocolatey goodness. For the cheese fan, you could go for a cheeseboard hamper, complete with the board itself and some delicious jars of chutney.

You could even just go for a sweet hamper filled with sweets, chocolate, and tasty drinks, or a savoury hamper with crisps, nuts, cheese, and the like. A pamper hamper is also a wonderful idea! You can include bath products, lotions, nail oil and polishes – just about anything beauty related that you can think of.

If you’re looking to create your own hamper, use these tips and you’ll love the results. The receiver will love that you’ve been so thoughtful and bought all of their favourite treats, as well as created something for them all by yourself!

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