Hamper Ideas For Couples

Hampers make the perfect gifts for couples when you’re not sure what to buy. They include treats, drinks and gifts that appeal to everyone, so you can’t go far wrong if you select the right kind of hamper for the occasion. It’s hard to buy gifts for couples because you have to find something that suits both of the people that make up the couple. If you select a hamper that includes food and drink items that you know both people will like, you can avoid this gift buying headache altogether.

There are lots of great hamper options that you could choose if you think this might be the gift option for you. Read on if you want to find out about some of the very best hampers out there right now. You’ll be sure to find something that meets the needs of the people you’re buying for.

Cheeseboard Hamper

Everyone loves cheese, right? Cheeseboard hampers are a classic choice when you’re looking for a hamper to buy for a couple you now. Choose a cheeseboard hamper that offers a variety of different cheeses from around the UK. The variety of cheeses we have to offer is impressive, so you can definitely deliver variety while sticking solely with cheese, and maybe some crackers on the side. On the other hand, you might want to opt for a continental cheeseboard hamper. And there are also hampers that combine cheese and wine, which we all know is the perfect combination. Some of our favourite cheeses include:

  • Gruyère cheese
  • A simple smoked cheddar
  • Gouda
  • Camembert
  • Manchego
  • Stilton
  • and many more!


Wine and Beer Hamper

If you’re looking for a hamper for a couple who likes to try lots of strange and unconventional alcoholic drinks, you could opt for a wine and beer hamper. It’s up to you how adventurous you want the drinks to be. There are craft beers that come in all shapes and sizes. And the same can be said of wine. It’s a great choice for a hamper because as long as the couple aren’t non-drinkers, there is sure to be something that will work for them. Most people like wine and beer, or at least one of the two.

Wine and Hamper

Coffee Break Hamper

Buying for a couple of coffee-lovers? Choose a coffee break hamper. These often include some great choices of coffee from around the world. Make sure that the coffee is of the highest possible quality. But, remember, it’s definitely not just about the coffee; there is also the other coffee-related items that you have to think about. Some hampers will include things like mugs. And then there are things like biscotti and cookies that people can dip in their coffee. These are nice little additional items that can make your hamper stand out and go down well with the couple you give it to.

Curry and Beer Hamper

Curry and beer prove another good combination, so why not choose a gift basket with this theme? As long as the couple you’re buying for love a bit of spice and a good beer, this could be a really good choice. Curry and beer hampers tend to have a selection of beers that have been specially curated for their ability to complement curry. Not all beers go well with curry, so have a selection of beers that definitely do is very important. Then the hamper will include relevant spices and top of the range curry pastes that the couple can use to make curries at home.

Curry Hamper

Champagne and Chocolates Hamper

Champagne is perfect for any special occasion. So, if you’re buying a hamper that’s for a wedding or maybe a big anniversary, it might be a great idea to select a champagne and chocolates hamper. We all know that the only thing that’s better than champagne is champagne with additional chocolate. Quality matters for both of these items. Cheap wine and cheap chocolates simply aren’t as good as the better options, so go for quality when you’re deciding which hamper is the best one to select. If you do, it’ll surely be a hit with the recipients.

Prosecco and Chocolates Hamper

Afternoon Tea Hamper

We’ve already covered coffee, so now it’s time to think about tea. Tea hampers are very popular at the moment. There are plenty of top quality tea options out there, and specialist providers often sell good hampers. You can get hampers that include a selection of teas, as well as equipment accessories such as strainers, tea cups and teapots. Like coffee break hampers, afternoon tea hampers often also come with snacks and biscuits that go well with tea. Survey all the options and see if you can find an afternoon tea hamper that’s ideal for that tea-obsessed couple.

Afternoon Tea Hamper

Whisky and Savoury Treats Hamper

Whisky is a bit of an acquired taste, so this hamper idea might not be the one for everyone. However, if you know people who love whisky, this could be a really smart choice. Whisky and savoury treats hampers come with the kinds of snacks that can be shared by everyone. But the central focus is the whisky. If you select a good whisky that the recipients will enjoy, it’ll be the kind of gift that they remember for a long time to come. Just remember that you need to make sure that they definitely enjoy whisky before making the purchase. Whisky Hamper

Pale Ales and Snacks Hamper

Pale ales are not seen as particularly sophisticated or high-end, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t make great gifts. Sometimes, what people want are a great pale ale and some simple snacks. If you are buying a hamper in the summer, this is a particularly good idea. On a warm summer’s day, there is nothing better than a cold pale ale and snacks to share between a group of people. These hampers are very popular at the moment, so don’t rule them out. They could offer you the ideal gift-buying solution if the couple you’re buying for is into this kind of thing.

beer and treats Hamper

Snacks to put in your couples hamper

We have gone through some of the main centrepieces you could revolve your hamper around. Of course, it is not really a hamper if you do not include a variety of smaller treats. Here are some smaller ideas for things you can put in your couples hamper:

  • Nuts
  • Pork crackling
  • Water biscuits
  • Fancy crisps
  • Jam
  • Chutney
  • Pickles
  • Chocolates
  • Pâté

As you now know, there are plenty of great hampers for couples. Select the one that you think the couple you’re buying for will love most of all.

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