Christmas Hamper Ideas

Hampers can make incredible gifts whatever the time of year, but particularly at Christmas. The fantastic thing about hampers as a Christmas gift is the fact that they can be made up of a range of different products that are perfectly matched to the person or people who the hamper is for. While you could choose to purchase pre-made hampers, it’s often better to make up your own unique hampers, as these tend to make the best gifts.

There is nothing that beats a personalised gift at Christmas, is there? Which is what makes hampers such a fantastic present to give at Christmas, as this kind of gift allows you to personalise your gift and tailor to be a perfect fit for the person or people who are receiving it. Whether it’s a gift for members of your extended family, your neighbours, or your colleagues, it’s important to think carefully about how you can create the perfect Christmas hamper.

Hamper presentation is an integral part of any hamper gift, but before you can start thinking about how to display your Christmas hampers, it’s important to consider what should go into them. There are so many different choices that choosing just a few items for each hamper can be a struggle.

Bearing that in mind, below you will find a range of hamper ideas that apply to a range of different people and gifting options. These ideas should give you the insight that you need to help create some amazing Christmas hampers for your nearest and dearest.

To create a hamper that goes down well, take ideas from the various sections of this guide and use them to come up with a Christmas hamper like no other. Remember, what makes Christmas hampers a wonderful gift is the fact that they are so unique and are tailor-made to be a perfect fit for the receiver.

For the chocoholic

Christmas is that one time of year when it is totally acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast. Whether it’s chocolate coins, chocolate covered satsumas and strawberries, or chocolate chip pancakes, it doesn’t matter. Christmas is the time of chocolate, which is why for anyone with a sweet tooth and an addiction to the sticky stuff, a chocolate hamper could make the perfect gift.


When you are putting together a hamper for someone with an addiction to chocolate, it makes sense to add a box of truffles to the mix. Instead of putting any old chocolate into their hamper, a box of hand-crafted chocolate truffles could be ideal, like a box of Belflair Chocolates Assorted Truffle Box.

Chocolate Florentines

No chocolate hamper is complete without a box of chocolate florentines. These nutty and fruity chocolate covered treats make an ideal addition to any Christmas hamper; the nuts and dried fruit have a festive feel to them, and the chocolate adds an additional sweet kick – these are ideal for having with a relaxing cup of tea or perhaps a glass of prosecco.

Drinking chocolate

What chocolate hamper is complete without a luxurious box of drinking chocolate and a few accompaniments to go with it. There are lots of delicious hot chocolate drinks to choose from, but none is more luxurious than Fudge Kitchen Drinking Chocolate – this comes in original or mint flavour. To top the hot chocolate with, add a chocolate stirrer, a hot chocolate mug, some mini marshmallows, and some chocolate shavings.

For the spa lover

For anyone who likes to be pampered, a Christmas hamper can make a fantastic gift. A combination of handmade, luxury bath bombs, facial scrubs, scented candles, and bubbles is all it takes to make a Christmas hamper that’s as good as a trip to a spa. As well as including a selection of spa-themed items, why not add a pretty flannel, a natural sponge, or exfoliating mitt to go with the products?

Bubble bath, bath salts and bath bombs

It is not a relaxing bath without bubbles, salts or bombs, now is it? That’s why every pamper hamper should include a bottle or two of luxurious bubble bath, a bath bomb or two, and some bath salts which are perfect for recreating a spa-like experience at home. If you know that the recipient of the hamper has a favourite bubble bath brand, purchase them a bubble bath from them, if not then perhaps a bottle of Les Pettis Bubble Bath could make a great addition to your hamper. As for bath bombs, Amelia’s Bath Bombs sell some lovely, handmade bath bombs. For bath salts, you can’t go wrong with all natural Himalayan bath salts.

Scented candles

To add a little additional luxury to a ‘spa’ hamper, add a couple of scented candles into the mix.

If you know what scents the recipient likes, pick out candles that come in these scents, if not pick candles that will help to aid relaxation and soothe stress, such as lavender, rose and vanilla scented candles.

A natural sponge

As well as packing the hamper with all kinds of luxurious lotions and potions, don’t forget to add in a flannel or a natural sponge. The Natural Sea Sponge Company has some fantastic sponges on offer – one of these could make a great addition to a Christmas pamper hamper gift – these are much better for skin than synthetic sponges.

For the cheese and wine lover

Christmas is all about the food, particularly the cheese and wine, which is why a cheese and wine hamper can make such a fabulous Christmas gift. If you are going to treat a loved one to a cheese and wine hamper, naturally you want to create a hamper that is wonderfully unique and perfectly tailored to their personal tastes. You don’t want to buy common wines and cheeses. Instead, you want to pick out more unique and uncommon ones for them to try.

Bespoke cheeses

All of the best cheese hampers contain a selection of carefully picked out cheeses. These should be cheeses that you know the recipient will love, and that are locally sourced and wonderfully unique. Does the recipient love brie? Then a wedge of Sharpham Brie could make an ideal addition to the hamper. Are they mad about blue cheese? How about gifting them a selection of blue cheeses from across the country, including one from The Fine Cheese Co? There are all sorts of incredible cheeses; it’s just a case of choosing a selection of cheeses that will be a perfect fit for the person the hamper is for.

Selection of crackers

You can’t have cheese without crackers, which is why every Christmas cheese hamper should come with a selection of bespoke crackers. From flavoured biscuits for cheese to music bread, every cheese hamper should come with a selection of crackers to top cheese with. Smaller companies like Gourmet Food are able to offer a more bespoke and unique approach to crackers for cheese, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Trio of chutneys

What is a cheese board without chutney, and why have one chutney when you can have a trio of chutneys? To go with the selection of cheeses and crackers, a trio of mini chutneys can make a great addition to a cheese hamper gift. Whether these are traditional chutneys or more unique ones, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you pick a selection of chutneys that will perfectly compliment the cheese that is in the hamper.


You can’t gift someone a cheese hamper without adding a bottle or two of wine to it. If you have selected cheeses from certain areas of the country and themed your hamper around those counties, such as Devon and Cornwall, then choosing wine from those places is advisable to keep them theme going. For soft cheeses, like brie, camembert and goats cheese, a bottle of Beaujolais, Cabernet Franc, or Chardonnay tend to go down well. For Cheddar, Edam, Gouda, Mozzarella, and Ricotta, Pinot Gris tends to pair well. Or, for Stilton or Gorgonzola, Port can pair well.

For families

When you are putting together a hamper for a family, rather than an individual or a couple, there is more to take into consideration. You need to ensure that the items inside the hamper are suitable for the whole family, or at least that some of the items are. Believe it or not, you can easily create a gourmet hamper that is family-friendly, it’s just a case of knowing what items are suitable.


Children love chocolates, as do most adults, so adding a selection of chocolates to family hampers is a must. Whether it’s chocolate truffles, drinking chocolate, or chocolate florentines that you add to the hamper, it doesn’t matter, just as long as there’s plenty of chocolate on offer for everyone to get their chocolate fix. Popcorn that is coated in chocolate can also be another great chocolatey treat – there are plenty of gourmet popcorn brands that offer chocolate coated popcorn that would be ideal for adding to a family Christmas hamper.

Bubble bath

What’s more fun than relaxing or splashing about in a bubble bath? For family hampers, bathtime products can make a great addition as these are items that everyone can use and take advantage of. As well as bubble bath, bath bombs, bath jellies, and bath salts also tend to go down well – anything that makes bathtime more fun is sure to be a big hit.


For the adults, a bottle or two of wine, prosecco, or another alcoholic beverage is a must. After all, what is Christmas without a little fizz? While the children won’t be able to enjoy the alcoholic beverages in the hamper, the adults are sure to appreciate them, as long as they drink, that is.


Curry products such as curry sauce, chutney, poppadoms, and dips may seem like a strange Christmas gift but with the leftover meat from Christmas – be it duck, goose or turkey – you can create a delicious curry. If the whole family enjoys curry, adding a combination of curry items to the hamper could be a great way to diversify it a little and make it more family friendly.


A Christmas hamper without biscuits is not a Christmas hamper, is it? Whether it’s chocolate shortbread, luxury chocolate covered biscuits, or healthy apple and oat cookies, every family hamper needs a selection of biscuits in it; it’s just a case of choosing the right ones for the family in question. Not keen to buy readymade curry sauces? Well, you could always consider making some up yourself instead, the same goes for naan bread, poppadoms and chutneys too.


Of course, what’s a biscuit without a cup of tea? As well as adding breakfast tea to the family hamper, consider getting a little bit more creative and adding a couple of more unique teas to the mix. From fruit teas to herbal teas, there are plenty of tea flavours to choose from – you could even add chocolate tea too.

When it comes to putting together a Christmas gift, a Christmas hamper can make the ideal treat. Combining a selection of items that you know the person or people will love, is a fantastic way to make giving this Christmas a little easier. Choosing just one gift is not always an easy task, which is why taking the time to put together a hamper can be an option that is worth considering.

Of course, when it comes to hampers, there is not just a one-size-fits-all approach that you can take, you have to take the time to consider the items that would work perfectly in a hamper for the person or people that you are giving to. Theming the hamper can sometimes work well, as that way all you have to do is pick gifts that fit within a certain theme, which can help to make filling a hamper with cute, quirky, little gifts, a much easier and less stressful process. Whether it’s a cheese-themed hamper, a bathtime inspired one, or a chocolate-focused gift, there are sure to be plenty of cute, quirky items that you can add to the hamper, to help create a gift that is wonderfully unique and is sure to be valued by the receiver.

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