Christmas Hamper Ideas for Mum

There’s no better way to show your appreciation to your mum than giving her a lovingly crafted gift. With Christmas coming up, there are a plethora of ideas that you could indulge in to make your mum a lovely gift, but we believe that Christmas hampers are perhaps the best gifts to give due to how practical and exciting they can be. You could always pick a hamper from our selection, but we believe that it’s better to create your own and use our hampers for inspiration instead.

  1. Wine Hampers

If your mum loves a bit of wine or bubbly while celebrating then look no further than a wine gift set hamper. However, don’t just go out to your local supermarket to buy a couple of random bottles. All wines serve a different purpose and buying a cheap one can just look tacky. It’s important to do a bit of research regarding wines so that you know which brands are worth the money and which ones are a little too pricey. Although cheap wines should be avoided, you should forget about the incredibly expensive options especially if you don’t know what you’re buying.

A great way to improve your wine hamper is to add some snacks to go with it. Again, this is going to require some research because you’ll want to pair the snacks with a wine that goes well with it. For instance, a South African Boschendal wine pairs great with some water biscuits and chutney. It also goes well with cold cuts and cheese which makes it fairly versatile. If you’re eyeing a fancy bottle of Port, then get some crackers and a high-quality stilton cheese to go with it. Want something more festive such as Gin? Throw in some berry jam and scones to go with it. There are plenty of unique ideas for Wine Hampers—it all just depends on the amount of research you’ve done! If you need some inspiration, then check out the wine hampers we have on offer for more quick tips on snack pairings.

  1. Champagne Hampers

A bit of bubbly is a great accompaniment to a festive evening. Whether it’s during Christmas dinner or on the evening of New Year’s Eve waiting for the fireworks to start, a glass of champagne is an experience that your mum deserves. Champagnes can be expensive. There are cheaper varieties, but the more expensive your bottle of bubbly is the better flavours you’ll get from it.

You can’t go wrong with a bottle of Prosecco and a box of delicious chocolate truffles. The pairing goes fantastically but it’s important to pick artisan chocolates and not the sugar-loaded supermarket brands. Although you might like the sweetness, you need something with a more bitter flavour to contrast with the sparkling Prosecco. If truffles are a little boring, then don’t shy away from hand-crafted chocolates that you’ve made yourself or a deluxe set of handmade chocolate bites. Other great snacks to include are savoury peanuts, chutney with crackers or even artisanal dried fruits.

Much like the wine hamper idea, it’s best not to pick something too expensive because there will be a point where the added cost isn’t worth the extra depth of flavour unless your mum is a seasoned wine taster. While getting a £1,000 bottle of champagne will knock your mum off her socks, she might feel a little discouraged to drink it! Get something with a moderate cost and keep the cost out of the picture. Just take a look at our own champagne hampers and you’ll see that we use high-quality champagne that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase.

  1. Cheese Hampers

To many people, cheese might just be the stuff we grate onto pizza and pasta, but to those that have delved deeper into the world of cheese, there’s a lot to be explored. Why not introduce your mum to the many different types of cheese in the world by building together a simple yet delicious cheese hamper? Unlike other food hampers, cheese offers a surprising amount of flavour and texture that can be served in small bites. This makes putting together a cheese hamper fairly expensive, but it also lasts a lot longer since your mum won’t be chomping down on entire wedges of cheese. Instead, you’ll want to mix in some crackers and even chutneys to help enhance the flavours and make them last longer.

The saltiness from the crackers merge perfectly with cheese and helps to enhance the flavours. Throw in a subtly flavoured butter and perhaps a tangy chutney to mix up the tastes and you have a simple cheese hamper ready to be enjoyed and loved by your mum. If you think your mum will be intimidated by the selection of cheeses or the dainty method of consuming them, then just try and be there when she opens your cheese hamper and teach her all about the delicious world of cheese.

There’s also the option of putting it together with a drink. It’s common to see cheese and beer hampers and many of our own wine and champagne hampers come with cheese and crackers as snacks. Don’t just get cheap cheese from a supermarket cold section either. Look for artisanal cheese and specially crafted ones to add more flavours.

  1. Non-Alcoholic Hampers

The hampers we’ve mentioned thus far have been filled with alcoholic suggestions, but what if your mum doesn’t drink? Not to fear because we actually stock plenty of non-alcoholic hampers to give you some suggestions. A food hamper usually goes perfectly with a drink, but it doesn’t mean it needs to contain alcohol. A selection of unique teas or pressé can be just as delicious and exciting as an aged bottle of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, and they usually offer a wide variety of flavours as well.

A simple idea is to get together some delicious tea leaves or bags and pair it with biscuits and cakes. You’ll essentially be creating an afternoon tea set in a hamper—but that’s not exactly a bad thing! Mix a couple of handmade chocolates, cakes, biscuits or shortcakes and package them together with Earl Grey, English Breakfast or even a bag of unique coffee beans to create a delicious and exciting experience for your mum.

  1. Curry Hamper

Curry hampers are unique and exciting compared to the ones we’ve discussed so far. Curry hampers are, as the name suggests, a hamper that is centred around making your own delicious curries. They’re complemented with a variety of different snacks and also paired with a drink that goes well with the curry. Curry hampers include everything; the sauce or curry base, a chutney, a packet of rice and also a drink. You could even throw in a packet of naan bread to make it just a little more complete.

This is a fantastic option if you want to gift a savoury hamper to your mum. It is, however, something that she’ll need to put together herself so if she’s not savvy in the kitchen then you may want to get something else. It’s fairly easy to put together your own curry if you have the sauce, rice and condiments, but it’s not something that she’ll be able to unbox and eat straight away. If you’re sending it over a long distance then you may want to write some instructions too.

Curry hampers make fantastic Christmas gifts especially if your mum will be cooking up a roast turkey. All the leftover meat and potatoes can be thrown into a pot together with the ingredients from a curry hamper to turn it into a delicious post-Christmas meal that will warm your soul.

Don’t Forget the Presentation

As much fun as it will be to create your own hamper, it’s important to remember that these will be Christmas hampers and you’ll have to add some festive decorations to make it stand out a little more. The presentation will be important, so don’t neglect it!

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