Christmas Hamper Ideas For Men

Tis the season and everyone is looking for that one perfect gift to show the perfect person in their life just how much they think of them. But instead of one perfect gift, why not get truly indulgent and get your husband, your boyfriend, or that special male friend lots of gifts that all come together to make for a Christmas experience they will be enjoying for weeks and weeks to come? The best hampers are put together with love, care, and specific focus, so here are a few ideas of the kinds of hamper he might fall in love with.

Show a little care

Men care about their appearances and their grooming more than we tend to give them credit for. Most of them would love to have the tools to take care of themselves better, but the usual variety of male grooming gear on offer doesn’t give them that extra smooth, extra sharp look and feel. Why not include a few gifts that help them really refine that look? A high-quality shaving razor, shaving gel and foam from providers like Seascape and a drop of aftershave can make for a great hamper inclusion. If it’s a lover, husband, or boyfriend, it’s a great way to give him a gift that makes him even more attractive to you, too.

The perfect night in

If you want to enjoy a night in with them, then a drop of something a little stronger can go a long way. Wine can be a great gift when it’s paired with cheeses, but for most men, consider a nice, artisanal beer or cider. Breweries like Saxby’s offer ciders with all kinds of flavours as well, if you want to get a little more indulgent and go beyond the usual apple flavour. If the man in your life likes them, then you can even throw in a cigar just to complete the whole image of complete relaxation and sensory stimulation.

Their favourite treats

Guys can have a sweet tooth just as easily as girls, but they might not often have occasion to indulge it in a special way. Rather than just going down to your local shop to get some sweets that he could get any day of the week, think about going a little further afield to get something really out of the box. For instance, there are speciality shops providing retro or hard-to-find sweets that you won’t get anywhere else, like A Quarter Of.  Or if you’re able to keep it fresh or you’re putting the hamper together shortly before the big day arrives, you could look at artisanal bakeries and get something really special whipped up for them as their after-dinner Christmas treat.

Kiss the cook

Is the man in your life a dab hand in the kitchen? Are they kind of person that has a real passion for cooking that goes beyond preparing meals just because they have to? Then it might be a real nice touch and a pleasant surprise if you include a little something in the hamper that acknowledges their interest and allows them to get even more creative with it. Think about throwing some ingredients in there for them to experiment with in future. A great Punjaban curry, speciality BBQ rubs, extra-special olive oils, truffles, sea salt and other ingredients can help him get a lot more enjoyment out of his hobby. What’s more, if he decides to cook for the both of you in future, then you get to profit from your own gift, too.

Craft a tasting session

If they’re the kind that would much rather something indulgent without having to make it, then cheese might be one of the best foods to get and have ready to eat as soon as you open the box. With the right wine, you can craft a session where the two of you simply sit and nibble at a selection of the finest cheeses you can find. Choose cheeses that complement and contrast one another well, like a Cropwell Bishop Stilton and a Sparkenhoe Red Leicester. If you have space alongside all the other goodies in the hamper, then add a few chutneys and an extra treat like a smoked butter cocktail oatcake.

The coffee lover’s kit

Many of us drink coffee because we have to, or else we might not make it through the morning without starting a fight with everyone we love and hold dear. But if your guy loves coffee a little more than that, it’s easy to notice because it seems like there’s never a pot on the brew.  Choosing gourmet coffees like Hawaiian Arabica, Nicaraguan blends, Mocha Java and more will be a treat that he absolutely won’t forget. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get him a few ingredients to make his own coffee station. Chocolate flakes, hazelnut syrup, coffee biscuits. Give him the room to go wild with his coffee habit.

Pamper your way to his heart

Think the man you have in mind could use a break? Is he a hard worker that doesn’t take enough time to soak off his stress and calm his mind? Then a little additional treat to help him relax might go a long way. Bath gifts for guys aren’t the most obvious of choices, but if it’s a husband or a boyfriend, then a promise to use those soothing Seascape bath foams and body washes together might just get him compliant. A few sticks of incense and a holder can you invite a little zen in his life and help him create his own aromatherapy den. If you want a more active role in his relaxation, massage oils are always a treat.

It’s the perfect time to show how much you know and love someone. That doesn’t always mean getting them that big, extravagant gift that explores their hidden wants, but it might also mean just getting them a hamper that lets them indulge in something they don’t get to often enough.

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