Christmas Hamper Ideas for Couples

Christmas is the time of year when you can show all of your nearest and dearest how much you appreciate and care about them. It’s the time of year when we treat each other to presents to show that we care. The festive season is a time of giving, which is where hampers come in – instead of giving just one gift, a hamper allows you to give a selection.

Do you have a lot of ‘couple friends’ – AKA friends who are in a couple? Not keen to buy each of them a gift of their own – but love the concept of getting them a present to share? Then how about treating them to a couple’s Christmas hamper? The fantastic thing about Christmas hampers is the fact that they are an easy gift idea that allows you to treat your nearest and dearest to a range of different gifts that you know they will love.

Because hampers can be filled with all kinds of things, they make amazing gifts. It is all too easy to go out and buy a gift or a gift card, but a hamper really shows that you care, as you have to pack them full of all kinds of different things. A hamper will allow you to show your nearest and dearest, just how much you care about and value them.

Hampers for couples can be more complex to put together than hampers for just one person as you have to take both people’s likes and dislikes into account. With that in mind, below are some Christmas hamper ideas that are perfect for couples.

Festive treats hamper

For a couple who are planning on having a Christmas for two, a festive treats hamper could make the ideal Christmas gift. Stock a hamper with all kinds of festive snacks, and you can make their Christmas that little bit more special.

Gourmet mince pies

It’s not Christmas without mince pies, is it? Pack the hamper with a dozen or half a dozen gourmet mince pies. There are plenty of smaller, artisan brands that sell unique mince pies; it’s just a case of finding some that are a suitable fit for your hamper. This could mean investing in brandy infused mince pies, orange pastry mince pies, or even puff pastry mince pies – it’s important to invest in mince pies that you know that recipients will enjoy. If they are gluten-free or have another allergy, look for a mince pie option that accommodates their allergy.

Luxury mulled wine

Instead of treating them to a bottle of readymade mulled wine, why not pop a couple of bottles of their favourite fruity and sweet red wine into the hamper, and then add the seasoning for mulled wine. Along with some cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, and mixed spice seasoning, of course. Pop a Christmas mulled wine kit into the hamper, along with a couple of bottles of red wine, and you can make this festive treat even more luxurious. Are the recipients not big wine drinkers? How about cider and mulled cider seasoning instead? Or, for anyone who doesn’t drink, cloudy apple juice and mulled seasoning.

Roasted nuts

There is nothing more festive than the smell of glazed, roasted nuts. As long as the couple doesn’t have an aversion (or allergy) to nuts, pop a bag of roasted and glazed nuts into their hamper with instructions on how to reheat them and fill their home with that delicious nutty smell that Christmas markets are always full of.

Christmas up your home hamper

For a couple who love to make their home feel festive, a hamper that will help them to add that extra festive feel to their home could make the ideal Christmas gift. Think lots of Christmas decorations and treats that are ideal for making their home look and feel more festive.

Dried oranges

There is nothing that smells more festive than dried oranges, which is why add a selection of ready dried oranges to a festive hamper is a great way to add a little extra festive cheer. When it comes to the holiday season, it’s all about making people feel festive and adding dried oranges that are seasoned with spices and make beautiful household decorations, is the perfect way to do that.

Festive scented candles

To help make a home smell and feel more festive, scented candles that come with warming and

Christmassy scents are ideal. The best candles to pack a Christmas hamper with are soy candles, as these tend to smell better and burn longer. The kinds of scents that you can incorporate include mulled wine, festive orange, winter berries, and frosty snow – these are all wonderfully warming, festive scents.

Luxury paper chains

Paper chains aren’t just for kids, you know. For a Christmas hamper that is made to make the recipients’ home more festive, a pack of luxury paper chains is a must. Think back to when you were a child, and there is most probably not one Christmas where you did not make and put up paper chains. Adding a pack of luxury paper chains to the hamper should give the couple receiving it a sense of nostalgia, taking them right back to their childhoods.

Festive fizz hamper

For a couple that loves a drink, the festive fizz hamper could make the ideal Christmas gift. Pack a hamper with a selection of bottles of bubbly and cute, quirky accompaniments, and you can give them the most magical Christmas gift, and one that they will appreciate and value. After all, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a bottle of fizz, is it?


The first thing that every festive fizz hamper needs is a bottle or two of prosecco. You could opt

to go with champagne, but the flavour tends to be stronger, which is why most people prefer prosecco. Perhaps you could add a bottle of regular prosecco as well as a bottle of pink prosecco, to mix things up a little and make the hamper more fun.

Recipe book

Christmas is all about the prosecco cocktails, so adding a prosecco recipe book to the hamper could make a great addition. Look for something small and sophisticated, that offers a small range of festive prosecco-based cocktails that are perfect for two.


Pimp your prosecco is a concept that has become incredibly popular, and one that you can utilise to make your festive fizz hamper more exciting. Find out what flavours the recipients like most and treat them to a couple of mini bottles of prosecco syrup as part of their hamper, so that they can pimp their prosecco just the way they like it.


To add that little extra special part to the hamper, consider adding a couple of personalised champagne flutes. These could simply have personalised charms on the bottom, have glitter writing on them, or be personalised by colour or even glass shape. It’s the little extra touches like this, that can have a big impact on how much the recipients love their gift.

Romantic night in hamper

What better way to prepare for the onset of the festivities than with a romantic night in for two? The perfect gift hamper for a couple is a romantic night in Christmas hamper, packed full of everything that they will need to for a relaxed and intimate night in for two.


What’s a romantic night in without a bottle of bubbly? Pick out a bottle of bubbly that you have seen the couple drink, or is similar to a bottle that they like, and pop it into their Christmas hamper. Pair it with a couple of champagne flutes, and you can ensure that their romantic night in gets off to a successful start. Do they like to pimp their prosecco? If so, don’t forget to add a couple of mini bottles of prosecco flavouring and dried fruits to their hamper.

Cheese board

For a romantic night in that’s free from stress, an easy meal is ideal, which is where a cheese board comes in. Pack their hamper with a selection of fine cheeses, a trio of chutneys, and some crackers, as well as a baking camembert, breadsticks, and part-baked loaf of bread for crisping up and serving alongside the camembert. You could also go that extra mile and add a selection of antipasti meats, like salami and dry-cured prosciutto, and olives and mixed nuts.

Bath bombs

What’s a romantic night in without a relaxing and tranquil bath? Add a couple of bath bombs to the hamper, so that should the couple want to relax in a hot bath, they have a little something to make the experience that little bit more special. If they are not bath bomb people, bubble bath, bath salts, or bath melts can also work well.


Don’t forget to add a selection of candles to their hamper, to ensure that their night is as magical and memorable as ever. These can be scented candles or plain ones, depending on what you think that couple would prefer.

There you have it, a range of Christmas hamper ideas that are perfect for couples and will make incredible Christmas gifts.

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