Birthday Hamper Ideas

Hampers make perfect birthday gifts for the special people in your life. No matter who you’re constructing a hamper for, you’re sure to find items that are ideally suited to the person and the occasion. You just need to take your time and put some thought into what you’re going to fill that hamper with.

Below, you will find some great birthday hamper ideas that apply to different birthday landmarks and different people you might be buying for. These ideas offer some of the basics you might want to consider when putting the hamper together. Feel free to take ideas from all sections of the guide to create a hamper that really goes down well.

18th or 21st Birthday Hamper Ideas

Real Ale

When you’re putting together a hamper for someone who’s turning 18, it makes sense to add some alcohol to the hamper. Now they can legally drink, treat them to some real ale so they can discover all the wonders these drinks have to offer. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who’s turning 21 as well. They might not have tried real, classic ales before, and this gives them a perfect chance to do just that.

Curry Products

What goes better with some great ales than the perfect curry? Anyone turning 18 or 21 needs to be able to cook for themselves as they enter adulthood. Curry products come in all varieties. Look at the options at Under Fine Wraps if you want to see how to put together a good curry hamper. There are so many little-added foods and ingredients that you can fill this kind of hamper with.

Assorted Treats

Treats come in all shapes and sizes, and by buying lots of small treats, you can offer plenty of options. And that means there is always going to be a few things that go down well with the person that you’re creating the hamper for. You could buy sweets, snacks, chocolate, biscuits or whatever you want to. Mix and match as many of these ideas and options as you want.

30th Birthday Hamper Ideas


Prosecco is very popular at the moment, and it’s perfect for adding to a birthday hamper. It allows you to add a touch of class and luxury to your hamper that might otherwise be missing. Prosecco goes with pretty much anything, so it doesn’t really matter what else you’re going to be including in this hamper. It’s a drink that is pretty much universally loved, and you can buy it from most supermarket retailers these days.

Varieties of Chocolate

There are so many artisan and interesting chocolates. There are sites out there that specialise in selling specific kinds of chocolate that appeal to people. You could get some dark chocolate infused with fruit. Or you could choose some Belgian chocolates. Browse the internet and don’t be afraid to step away from the mainstream when it comes to choosing chocolate for the hamper.

40th Birthday Hamper Ideas

Whiskey Miniatures

There’s something very mature and noble about whiskey. It’s also often seen as an acquired taste. And what better time to acquire that taste than on your 40th birthday? That’s why you should include a few whiskey miniatures in the hamper you’re creating. By choosing a variety of small options, you could introduce the person to whiskey in a way that’s not overwhelming or intimidating in any way.


Cheeses, maybe accompanied by some crackers, are essential food items to consider when creating a hamper. The Three Counties Cheeseboard Hamper offers you a good example of what can be achieved if you want to put together a good hamper that revolves around a cheese theme. When it comes to cheese, there are so many options out there, so you could choose a selection.

50th Birthday Hamper Ideas

Tea Range

Afternoon tea is perfect for people reaching middle-age. Everyone needs some tea to get them through the day, but maybe your friend or relative needs some new tea options rather than the same brand they use every day. There are so many artisan tea brands out there offering all kinds of flavourings, so don’t just stick to the brand names that you know and recognise already.


If you’re looking for some high-class, non-sweet foods to add to your hamper, start with olives. They’re always good options because they can be snacked on or added to a lunch, offering options to the recipient. Olives are not as straightforward or as plain as you might imagine either. There are so many alternatives and varieties out there these days. Just find a good supplier of mediterranean food products.

60th Birthday Hamper Ideas


Jam and marmalade are fantastic hamper food items. They’re even better when you choose handmade artisanal products. Anyone can make jam, and many people do. Attending farmers markets and things like that will open your eyes to just how many great preserves are out there waiting for you to buy them. If you know the person you’re buying for uses preserves for breakfast, this is a must include option.

Locally Produced Food

While you’re including locally produced jam, you could go further and find products that are also produced locally. Head to farms if you want meat products that are nicely packaged and taste great. Where you buy from will depend on your location, but it’s easy enough to find good suppliers in your local area, no matter where you are. The Pipers Farm website will also help you with this.

Birthday Hamper Ideas for Him

Craft Beer

Craft beer is taking off in a big way right now, and the craft beer movement is a big deal for many men who love to drink beer. There are always new craft beer brands popping up and offering new products for sale. You should buy a few of them and include them in your hamper if you’re building one for the man in your life. Craft beers are outside of the ordinary, making them ideal for people who think they’ve tasted it all too.


Pâté is one of the best food products to add to your hamper. It’s a classic selection, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a dull and conventional option. Pâté also comes in many different varieties. Rougie is one brand that creates great pâté options, and some of them are a little unconventional. That’s what a pâté needs to be, so explore the options they have for sale at the moment.


Birthday Hamper Ideas for Her

Rosé Champagne

If there is one thing in this world better than champagne, it’s Rosé Champagne. It’s perfect if you’re looking to make a hamper for the woman in your life. If they haven’t even tried it before, it’s an even better idea to add it to your hamper selection. It’s a nice addition, and it can be accompanied by some sweet treats and chocolates as well. We’ll look at that in more depth next.

Indulgent Nibbles

Indulgent is what all treats should be. If we can’t indulge in some great (and slightly unhealthy) foods on birthdays, then when can we? Indulgent foods are enjoyed by everyone, and they go perfectly with Rosé Champagne. Bad Brownie is a company that makes fantastic and indulgent brownies, as well as other treats. Good chocolates will always go down well too.

Birthday Hamper Ideas for Dad

Pork Crackling

Pork crackling has always been a fantastic pub snack. But in recent years, pork crackling has stepped out of the pub setting and taken to a higher level of popularity. High-quality pork crackling is sold by all kinds of companies. You might have seen or tasted crisps that aim to take things to a step further, but you might not have realised the same was true of pork crackling. Seek out some of these and add them to your dad’s birthday hamper.

Artisan Cookies

Artisan cookies are easy to find nowadays. Everyone loves cookies, and they’re perfect for a hamper like this. is a good site to visit if you want to find some cookies that are a cut above the rest. They’re not ordinary cookies that you find in any old supermarket. These are on an entirely new level, and that’s what you need from a hamper item.

Birthday Hamper Ideas for Mum

A Selection of Dressings

If your mum loves to cook and create her own meals, then good dressings will always come in handy. They’re ideal for anyone who loves to make salads, whether they’re hot or cold. If you choose a selection of different dressings, they will have many options for different uses and scenarios. That’s a good way to add something healthy yet tasty to your mum’s birthday hamper.

Florentine Biscuits

Let’s be real; most mums love florentine biscuits. And why wouldn’t they? They’re a type of biscuit that offers you that high-quality taste that’s a little out of the ordinary. It’s not the kind of biscuit that you eat very often, so it makes sense to add them to a special birthday hamper. Some of the hampers sold by Under Fine Wraps include florentine biscuits, so it’s something worth considering.

How Can You Present Your Birthday Hamper?

1. Get Some Inspiration

Presenting your birthday hamper can be tricky, especially if you’ve never made one before. Try getting some inspiration before you start. You can take a look at hampers across our site (or here) to get an idea, but there are other sources too. Try Pinterest and Instagram. Maybe even YouTube! You’re bound to find some amazing inspiration all over the web.

2. Decide On The Size Of Your Hamper

Is this going to be a cute little mini hamper or a full size hamper? This will affect what you buy for your hamper, how much you spend, and the size of the hamper you need.

3. Find The Right Hamper

Finding the right kind of hamper to place all of your gifts inside of is important. For a wine hamper, for example, it could be a good idea to buy a hamper with a lid so you can lay all of the bottles down flat. This will also work if you want to keep the things inside of the hamper a surprise.

However, if you would prefer to display your items in an attractive way, you’ll need an open hamper. You’ll then need to invest in some cellophane and maybe a ribbon/bow to finish it off. You could even attach a balloon to the hamper if you want to incorporate an element of fun!

4. Select A Theme

Perhaps selecting a theme will help you to present/create your hamper more effectively. While there are no rules as to how to present or create a hamper, having a bit of a theme to stick to can make your job far easier. Maybe you could go for a chocolate indulgence hamper, where absolutely everything is full of chocolatey goodness. For the cheese fan, you could go for a cheeseboard hamper, complete with the board itself and some delicious jars of chutney.

You could even just go for a sweet hamper filled with sweets, chocolate, and tasty drinks, or a savoury hamper with crisps, nuts, cheese, and the like. A pamper hamper is also a wonderful idea! You can include bath products, lotions, nail oil and polishes – just about anything beauty related that you can think of.

If you’re looking to create your own hamper, use these tips and you’ll love the results. The receiver will love that you’ve been so thoughtful and bought all of their favourite treats, as well as created something for them all by yourself!

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