Baby Hamper Ideas

Putting together a hamper for a baby is not always as easy as you might assume. There are certain baby gifts that don’t really suit a hamper. And selecting items that are not going to be the usual things that everyone buys for the baby can be difficult as well.

To help you ensure that you don’t make mistakes and select the wrong things for a hamper, we’ve put together a guide that will provide you with plenty of top ideas. Keep reading if you want to learn which steps you should take to make a hamper that’ll be a hit.

Some Great Hamper Item Ideas

So, the time has come to assemble a baby hamper, but what are the first and most basic things that should be included in it? Read on to find out right now.

Congratulatory Gift for the Parents

First of all, you need to think about what you can give to the baby’s parents as a congratulatory gift. If the hamper is being given to celebrate the birth of the child, surely the parents deserve a little something too. Something like a bottle of champagne could be the ideal gift for them. It’s a nice way to give them a little something that’s different to all the baby-related items they’ll be receiving.

Bath Time Gift Set

Now it’s time to move onto the more directly baby-related things. A nice gift to start out with when filling your hamper is a bath time gift set. This could include some baby-friendly bath products that can be used to make bath time more fun for the baby. You might also want to include some towels in the set. Some people even have them personalised with the baby’s name. It makes the gift a little more special.

Baby bath time gift set

A Robe and Slippers

For an item that can be used just after bath time, think about buying a baby robe and a pair of slippers. These should be colourful and comfortable for the baby. They can then be worn just after bath time is over or just before they head to bed. The parents will certainly be grateful for the kind of gift because it’s the type of thing that you can get a lot of use out of, and that’s important.

baby bathtime robe and slippers

A Stuffed Teddy

This is a classic item, and there’s a reason it’s a classic. Kids often keep hold of their favourite childhood teddies and stuffed toys for years and decades. And they can be great decorative items for a baby’s bedroom too. Choose one that is from a reliable retailer to ensure safety and suitability for the baby. And choose something unique that will stand out among all the other stuffed teddies out there.

Baby Boy Hamper Ideas

If you need to find items to put in a hamper for a baby boy, here are some options worth considering. They can be added to the hamper alongside the other options mentioned above.

Name a Star Gift

This is an unusual gift idea, but it’s something that lasts a lifetime. A name a star gift allows you to have an actual star in the universe named after the baby. They will then get a certificate that they can keep forever. If the baby boy grows up to take an interest in space and astronauts as many young boys do, this will turn out to be a great gift that they will grow to really appreciate.

You can get this from companies such as Getting Personal or the Star Name Registry.

A Wooden Train Set

Wooden train sets have been keeping young boys entertained for centuries, and they’re just as loved now as ever before. It’s nice to give the baby a toy that is basic and simple. As they get older, they will interact with all kinds of modern gadgets. But when they’re young, it’s better to keep things simple and let them be creative with their toys. That’s what a good wooden train set allows them to do.

A Baby Jersey for His Dad’s Favourite Sports Team

If you know that the baby’s dad is a sports fan, and they support a particular team, it can be a nice idea to buy them a baby jersey for that team. Most large sports teams sell these items, so they’re not hard to come by. And we all know that most fathers want their sons to grow up supporting the same sports team as them, so it’s a gift that is sure to go down well and be used a lot.

Baby Girl Hamper Ideas

Looking for baby hamper ideas that are more suited to baby girls? These options might offer you the ideal solution. You can add them to the other hamper ideas you like from the section above.

A Personalised Sign for the Bedroom

Personalised items can make really nice gifts when you’re deciding what you should buy to put in a hamper for a baby. Things for their bedroom can be very useful too. So, why not choose a cute sign that you can have emblazoned with the baby girl’s name. It’s a nice touch, even though it’s simple. It’s the kind of thing that can often make the ideal gift, especially if the parents haven’t got around to decorating the room yet.

Crochet Baby Hat

There are all kinds of great clothing items that you can get for baby girls. But you want to find something a little more unusual to put in your hamper. A crochet baby hat is an option worth considering. Everyone buys baby grows, but hats are not so often given as gifts. But they look great and can be very useful for parents when they’re out and about with the baby and want to keep her warm.

crochet baby hat

A Rag Doll

Rag dolls are great gift items for baby girls. You can have them personalised if you want to. But even if you don’t choose to do that, they can become a favourite possession of the little girl as she grows up. They’re easy to find, but there are lots of options out there, so be sure to browse them all when creating a hamper.

Baby Shower Hamper Ideas

If you’re going to a baby shower and need some things to put in a hamper, here are a few ideas that you might want to consider.

A Personalised Money Box

As the baby starts to grow a little, they might be given a small amount of pocket money. This can be stored in a small money box, and these items make great gifts too. They’re especially cool if you choose to get them personalised. Having their name displayed on the front shows exactly who that pocket money belongs to!

You can find some great examples of these on Not On The High Street.

personalised baby money box

A Hands and Feet Casting Kit

These casting kits can be great for parents. As we all know, kids grow up very fast and indeed. One minute they’re small babies, and the next minute they’re all grown up. So, creating small things that capture the moment can be really important for parents. A hands and feet casting kit allows them to capture the size of those little hands and feet before they start to get bigger.

Baby Clothes Bundle

Finally, you should think about creating a small bundle of baby clothes. Parents can never have too many clothes when they’re about to have a baby. Being prepared is key. So, if you hand them a bundle of clothes at the baby shower, they will be very grateful indeed. They won’t have to worry so much about shopping for clothes themselves.

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