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8 Ideas For A Great Food Hamper

Food hampers can make great gifts. But what should you put in them? You need to select the kinds of foods that people enjoy but that aren’t necessarily a part of their everyday eating habits. Items that are a little higher in quality and special make great things to put in food hampers. That doesn’t mean you have to be too extravagant or spend too much. Getting that balance right can be tricky, and that’s why we’ve come up with 8 great suggestions for food items that you should put in the hamper you’re preparing.

  1. Dark Chocolate Mint Thins

Starting with a sweet item, you should definitely consider a small box of dark chocolate mint thins; especially if you are making a chocolate hamper. They taste great, and they’re the kind of sweet treat that only gets consumed on special occasions, making them an ideal food item for a hamper. You can buy them from many differents brands and companies, so consider what’s out there. There are the obvious brands that we all know about, but it can make things more interesting if you choose a less well-known option. Whichever one you choose, they’re sure to taste great and go down a treat with the recipients.

belflair mint chocolate thins

  1. Pork Crackling

Bags or pork crackling can make fantastic items to put in a food hamper. It tastes great, it’s a little out of the ordinary for many people, and it offers a more interesting alternative to a more conventional bag of crisps. There are lots of different types of pork crackling options out there, so make sure that you consider them all before making your decision. For a hamper, it’s best to opt for the pricier and more high-end crackling options. The cheaper options are not really meant for this kind of thing.

  1. Cheeses

No hamper would be complete without a couple of cheeses. The great thing about cheese is that there are so many different varieties of it out there. Most people like, at least, one type of cheese. They might not like others, but that’s why you need to think carefully and only select the cheeses that are going to be right for the people who will receive it. The cheese can then be ate alongside chutney, crackers and any other items you might want to include in your item. Cheese is flexible, so it can be consumed in whatever way each person likes.

Three Counties Cheesboard

  1. Curry Treats

Not everyone that you put in your hamper has to be instantly consumable. It can be good to spice things up – both literally and figuratively – by creating a curry hamper. You could add some powders, spices and pastes that can later be used to make a curry. These curry treats are obviously only suited to people who like a little heat and spice in their diet. And then you could also add some things like beers and popadoms to go alongside the curry. It’s an idea that not everyone even considers, but you definitely should if you want to make your hamper as good as it can be.

Curry Hamper

  1. Cheese Straws

Cheese straws might not seem too exciting or exotic, but they’re the kind of thing that can really fill out a hamper and make it worthwhile. Everyone likes the basic things like this. They taste great if you select the right ones. And they can be at alongside dips too. They’re an all-round good snacking food. You can get cheese straws that are available in a variety of flavours, so don’t just purchase the first ones you find. Put some thought and effort into it, and consider all of the options that are out there on the market.

Cheese Straws

  1. Chutney

Chutney is often found in hampers. The reason for this is that it goes very will with some of the things mentioned above. Cheese and chutney is very popular. And it can be accompanied by simple things like crackers and cheese straws too. In the summer, chutney is especially good. It can be a great item to take on a summer picnic, for example, and it’s why it’s definitely worth including in a hamper if you’re thinking of making one. There are so many chutneys out there, so explore the options and see which you think would suit your hamper best.

vivia crumps chutney trio

  1. French Pâté

French pâté is a simple food item, but it’s not something that we eat all the time. It’s this that gives the food a little more luxury. It becomes more special, and a high-end French pâté can really appeal to people when it’s in a hamper. Just make sure that you find a French pâté that offers real quality. There are good ones and there are bad ones, and there really is a big difference between the best and the worst. You should try to avoid the cheap options because they tend to be underwhelming and of poor quality. That’s not the kind of thing you want in your hamper.


  1. Hand-Made Chocolates

Chocolates are always good, but hand-made chocolates are even better. You should definitely think about including some of these in the hamper that you create. Handmade chocolates don’t necessarily have to be made by your hands either. Of course, you can take that route if you want to. It shows that you are willing to put in some effort and go the extra mile. But it’s just as good to include some handmade chocolates made by other people who really know what they’re doing. They offer a welcome antidote to the mass-produced chocolates that most of us are used to eating these days.

holdsworth chocolates

Don’t feel obliged to choose every item mentioned on this list. Instead, you should pick the ones that suit what you’re trying to create. You might want to take some items out and add some foods that are specific to you or the people you’re going to give the hamper to. That’s the great thing about creating food hampers; there is no right or wrong way to create them.

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