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11 New Home/Housewarming Hamper Ideas

Do you know somebody who has recently moved into a new home? Perhaps it’s their first home, or they are moving to expand their family or to be closer to a loved one. You can show your support and congratulations for this person by giving them a thoughtful home/housewarming hamper! Hampers make wonderful gifts because you can fill them with all kinds of exciting things. It’s all too easy to go out and buy a gift, but putting together a hamper takes real thought and effort. You will show this person just how much you care about them and support them! Here are some ideas you can use to put your hamper together:

1. A Celebratory Drink

A celebratory drink is more than called for now that your loved one has moved into their new home. How about a collection of wine or champagne so that they can bask in the glow of their new abode? You could even enjoy a glass with them! If you’re looking for something else to go along with the drink, it only makes sense to choose some nice glasses.

2. Luxury Home Pamper Products

Luxury home pamper products are always appreciated. Having a nice hand wash and lotion right next to the sink so that they can wash and moisturise their hands is a lovely idea, and their guests will like it too!

3. Hot Drinks

Every home needs an abundance of hot drinks. You could purchase some fancy loose leaf tea or special tea bags, freshly ground coffee, or a nice hot chocolate. Even if they purchased some already, they can stock up!

4. Cute Accessories

Every home needs a few accessories to finish it off, and there are so many you can go for depending on the person. You could get a tea lover a personalised tea caddy and mug set. You could even treat them to their own tea pot and saucer set!

Other cute accessories could include photo frames and pictures of all of your favourite times together. This will help them to personalise their home and make it feel cosy right away.

5. Candles/Diffusers

Candles and diffusers make amazing gifts. They make a new home smell beautiful and will help to create positive feelings in the owner right from the start. You could even go for a pretty fragrance lamp, as they last forever. Aromatherapy gifts and sets are also a wonderful choice and promote health in the user.

6. Things Always Needed Around The Home

There are a few things that are always needed around the home. We may not need to use them every single day, but they are more than helpful to have. Here are some little ideas that they are bound to appreciate if this is their first home!

  • Ice cube trays – for a nice cool beverage!
  • A pizza cutter – for pizza lovers, a knife just won’t do the trick.
  • An ice cream scoop – for those lazy days in front of Netflix.
  • A tin opener – make sure it’s quality, as there’s nothing worse than a faulty tin opener!
  • Tea towels – you can never have too many.
  • Oven gloves – so they won’t be tempted to burn themselves.
  • Light bulbs – it’s always useful to have lots in stock.
  • Batteries – the same goes for batteries!
  • Cutlery – cutlery is one gift that will be used all the time.
  • Nice clothing hangers – you just never seem to have enough clothing hangers.

7. A Pretty Plant Or Some Seeds

A pretty plant will liven up any home. Scientific studies also show that they are great for a person’s mental health! You could give them a gift that will make them happy every time they enter a room. If you don’t think that a plant will work well in your hamper, you could look for a mini plant or even include some seeds.

8. Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is a healthy gift that can look great in the kitchen, and is pretty traditional for people who put together housewarming hampers. A whole pineapple looks really pretty when presented in an open hamper. Fruit is expensive, so you might just save them money on their very first food shop in their new home too.

9. A Local Restaurant Gift Card

If your loved one has moved to a new location, how about including a local restaurant gift card? This will allow them to celebrate their move with food and some drinks, and perhaps discover their new favourite place to eat. Maybe you could even invite yourself along.

10. A Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a great gift for a new homeowner. You can present it to them by including a copy of the magazine you’ve chosen in the hamper. Just be sure to explain that they have a subscription and not just a copy of the magazine! This is a gift that should make them smile when it comes through the door each month. They’ll always have reading material on their coffee table too!

11. Luxury Items

If you really want to treat your loved one in their new home, there are a number of luxury items you could go for. A soft throw adds texture to any interior and can give them some comfort while they are settling in.

A monogrammed dressing gown might just make them feel like royalty. Fancy bath salts can help them to unwind after the stresses of moving. A bluetooth speaker will get a lot of use while they’re arranging the lay-out of their new home and taking care of chores. If you know the kind of artwork they like, you could help make a big contribution to their home decor.

Bear in mind that the things you buy will have an impact on the size of the hamper you need, and the type you choose. Closed top hampers are great for just about anything, but open hampers will mean you can display the items better. Taking a look at some ready-made hampers on our hamper ideas page might just give you some inspiration!

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