movie night hamper ideas

10 Movie Night Hamper Ideas

Movie nights with family and friends can be so much fun. They can be a great way to unwind after a stressful week, not to mention a great way to bond and spend quality time together. We’ve got a way you can make your movie night even better too. By making a movie night hamper! Creating your own movie night hamper will be a lot of fun, and you’ll be able to enhance your time together with delicious drinks and snacks. Read on for some ideas!

What To Put In Your Movie Night Hamper

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to put in your movie night hamper, look no further. We’ve got your covered!

1. Popcorn

No movie night hamper is complete without popcorn. You can get all kinds of delicious popcorn combinations, so it all depends on your preferences and tastes. Butterkist do a nice toffee popcorn for the kids, but if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, Joe & Sephs caramel salted popcorn is divine. You can even get flavours like white chocolate and strawberry.

If you’d prefer, Metcalfe’s even do a bag of ‘skinny popcorn’ so you can enjoy the film with zero guilt.

joe sephs salted caramel popcorn

2. Nuts

Snacking on nuts in front of a film is one of the greatest joys in life. How about mini nibs salt and pepper peanuts if you want something yummy? Graze also do a huge selection of healthy, tasty nuts if you want something especially good for you. One of our favourite brands for nuts is Olives et al, you can see their range of nuts here.

smoky chilli nuts


3. Crisps

For those savoury addicts out there, crisps are a must in a movie night hamper. You can get all kinds of crisps, from healthy baked versions to naughty fried versions. Yorkshire crisps are yummy, and so much tastier than Pringles!

Crisps and biscuits

If you’re on a health kick, you can still enjoy the movie with a bag of crisps.Tyrells veg crisps are healthy and delicious. Another alternative is Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins. You can buy both of these from your local supermarket.

tyrells vegan crisps

4. Nachos

If you want to have a real British cinema experience, buy a bag of nachos to include and then cover them with melted cheese, jalapenos, salsa, and guacamole (which you can include in jar form). This is one of the best snacks to buy at the cinema and great for sharing.


5. Cheese

For some savoury addicts, only cheese will fill the void. Cropwell bishop stilton cheese might smell, but it’s one of the best cheeses for cheese lovers. Don’t forget to stock up on chutney and pickle too to really enhance the flavours.


6. Cookies and Biscuits

There are all kinds of cookies and biscuits you could include in your hamper. Stag salt and pepper water biscuits can be eaten alone or used with your cheese for an even tastier mouthful.

Stag shortbread is for those who prefer a sweeter flavour. If you’re a chocolate addict, then Thomas J Fudges delicious milk chocolate Florentines are right up your street.

Stag Biscuits

7. Chocolate

Sometimes, only plain old chocolate will fill the void when you’re watching an intense movie. Sure, you could go for any old chocolate from the shop, but why not enjoy something more luxurious? Dark chocolate thins are super tasty, and look amazing in a movie night hamper. Plus, you know when they are thinner, you can eat more of them.

If you want things you can share, then there are all kinds of classic chocolates you can buy in sharing boxes to dip into.

belflair mint chocolate thins

8. Hot Drinks

Not everybody wants to drink alcohol when watching a film, which is why a selection of hot drinks in the hamper is a good idea. Drinking fudge in Moreish Mint is one of the most delicious sweet hot drinks you’ll ever try, but Chocca Mocca drinking chocolate is also a good shout for those who just want pure chocolate indulgence. Tea and coffee can be included too, but make sure you choose some exciting beverages!

drinking fudge

9. Alcoholic Beverages

Adults at your movie night might just want a tipple. It’s important to remember that everybody has different tastes. Murphy Vineyards chardonnay could be a nice idea for those who enjoy wine, but beer is usually a popular choice to relax with in front of a film. Oakham ales beers, as well as those by Jeffrey Hudson and Krombacher always go down well. If you want some more inspiration for alcoholic hampers, check our alcohol hampers section.

beer hamper

10. Fizzy Drinks

Not everybody wants hot, and not everybody wants alcoholic. That’s where the fizzy drinks come in. They’re perfect for a kid’s movie night or for adults who just enjoy a soda. Why not include glass bottle sodas? They’ll look great in your movie hamper!

Hopefully these food and drink suggestions have inspired you to put the most luxurious, delicious movie night hamper of all time together! We’re not going to leave you hanging there though. What about the movies?!

Where To Find Movies For Your Movie Night

So, now you’ve got your hamper all put together and ready to go, where can you find movies for your movie night? Blockbuster isn’t an option anymore since it went bust all those years ago. Most people prefer to use the internet for this sort of thing now anyway!

  • Netflix – just £5.99 per month. You get a wide range of movies and TV programs, some of them exclusive to Netflix and pretty addictive!
  • Now TV – another great subscription option, where you can find shows like Game Of Thrones and films like The Big Lebowski.
  • Amazon Prime – will give you some great movie choices too.
  • Movie Channels – if you don’t have them included in your TV package, then you can easily buy one using the information on screen.
  • iTunes – also have a wide selection of movies that you can rent or buy. It isn’t just for music!
  • DVDs – why not look in charity stores, discount stores, and even recycling stores? Many of them store old DVDs to sell on, and you might just find something worth watching.
  • If you’re giving this movie night hamper to a loved one, then you could potentially include a few DVDs they would like, or even a gift card for a movie subscription!

Have an amazing movie night with your loved ones!

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