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10 Great Hamper Ideas For Her

A hamper is a brilliant gift for anyone, simply because they are so flexible. You can fill a hamper with anything you want, tailoring it perfectly to the person you’re giving it to. You can buy a ready-made hamper for convenience, but it’s also easy and lots of fun to put one together yourself. If you have a special woman in your life, whether she’s your mum, wife, sister, or best friend, a hamper can be a touching gift for any special occasion – or just to show her that you love and appreciate her. If you’re looking for hamper ideas for her, keep reading and find out how to put together the perfect gift basket.

1. Consider a Range of Hampers, Baskets and Boxes

Before you start building a hamper, it’s a good idea to begin by thinking about presentation. You don’t have to plan everything right away, especially as you might not know what you’re putting in your hamper yet. But you can start by thinking about what you’re going to use for all the items you choose. You can consider a few different options, depending on how rustic or posh you want to go. You can choose baskets, hampers, boxes, and even crates to build the perfect hamper. Of course, size is important too, so start thinking about what you will fill it with.

2. Try a Foodie Hamper

Traditionally, most hampers are full of food, such as cheese and biscuits. When you want ideas for women’s gift baskets, don’t steer away from delicious food products. There are plenty of women who would love some indulgent treats – although perhaps avoid them if she’s on a diet. There are all kinds of things you can put in a food hamper, so don’t feel you have to stick to the usual contents. One good idea is to select local produce, like our Three Counties or Northamptonshire hampers. If she’s loyal to the local area, she’ll love a foodie celebration of the region.

Christmas Delight Hamper Close Up Christmas Delight Hamper Stag Biscuits

3. Get a Bit Boozy with an Alcoholic Hamper

A bottle of her favourite tipple on a special occasion is always a good idea. Lots of gift baskets come with bottles of wine, prosecco or champagne. They’re perfect for enjoying of an evening, but don’t forget to choose some other things to go with it. Chocolates or cheese and biscuits can add to your offering. And it’s not a time to skimp on your purchase and get a cheap bottle. Go for quality, like quality Australian wine from Murphy Vineyards. Of course, not all women like wine or champagne. Some quality beer or spirits can be the start of a beautiful hamper too.

Wine and Hamper

4. Tea or Coffee?

For the woman in your life who prefers a hot drink to help her relax, tea and coffee hampers make brilliant gifts too. Have a look at our Afternoon Tea Hamper for inspiration, and pair some top tea or coffee with biscuits, chocolates, cake, and even a teapot, cup or mug. There are lots of non-food items you could slip in, from loose-leaf tea strainers to a French press. You can choose traditional gifts to include or try some new trends, like cold-brew coffee or tea in all kinds of fancy flavours.

5. You Can’t Go Wrong with the Classics

The classics can be just as good as something new and fancy. Cheese, crackers, chutneys and jams all make excellent hamper fillers. They can be ideal choices for your mum or grandma, and they can be shared with your dad or granddad too! But it’s not just older women who like the classics. Lots of younger women will enjoy them too, especially if they get to keep them all to themselves.

6. Choose a Chocolate Focus

Chocolates are a never-fail choice for any gift. But while a single box of chocolates might be adequate on some occasions, it usually needs to be accompanied by something else. If you’re going to build a chocolate hamper for her, it needs to be something a bit better than Cadbury Milk Tray too. We always makes sure to choose the best, so our chocolates come from the likes of Belflair or Holdsworth. There’s no need to stick to pure chocolates either – include some hot chocolate, chocolate biscuits, chocolate cake, and more.

7. Try a Healthy Hamper

Indulging on special occasions is practically a human right, but not everyone wants to have chocolates and biscuits all day. For the more health conscious woman, you can consider creating a healthier hamper. You can simply fill a hamper with healthy fruit, from grapes to something more exotic. But make sure it can survive for at least a few days and think about whether you want to send your hamper through the post.

8. Build a Beauty Basket

For a non-food idea, how about a beauty hamper? You can choose a selection of beauty and spa products that are perfect for relaxing. Pick body lotions and hand lotions, soap, bath bombs, nail kits, and anything else you can think of. You could also include scented candles and even a gift voucher for a pamper session.

9. Build a Baby Hamper

If you know someone who’s about to be a mum, a baby hamper is sweet and touching. You can put in lots of things, both practical and sentimental. Include some useful items like clothes, bottles, or muslin cloths. But don’t forget the fun things, like a soft toy and a baby money box! You could present it in soft pastels or in bright celebratory colours.

10. Picnic Hampers

A picnic hamper is a brilliant idea and allows you to create a beautifully presented gift basket for her. Choose a picnic hamper and include quality plates and cutlery, as well as well-crafted napkins and a selection of food to enjoy on a picnic. The hamper can be enjoyed on a trip to the park, in the garden, or maybe just on the living room floor on a rainy day.

There are lots of things you can do to put together a beautiful hamper for a special woman in your life. But remember to think about presentation and choose quality products for your gift basket.

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